Monday, July 9, 2012

Almost Touching

I couldn’t ignore her flapping against the screen, seeing the land where she belonged but unable to get past the wires mesh.

At first I thought another bird was in our screened in porch! Where were they coming in? I stepped outside to prop the door open.

But it wasn’t a little wren or sparrow. It was a beautiful butterfly beating its wings against the screen. Majestic would be a better word for the tiger striped swallowtail.

Butterflies live such a short time. Would she damage her fragile wings against the unyielding enclosure? I searched for a way to help her escape.

Taking a broom to wave above my head I tried to make a barrier so she would fly away from me and toward freedom. After moving toward the door a few feet, she retreated, flew around me back to the corner of her prison.

I laid the broom close waiting until she climbed onto the bristles. Carefully I carried her away from the screen. Again, she spooked.

“Okay, baby. I’ll let you figure it out.” I went back inside.

A little while later I checked on her. There she was, beautiful, so close to the life that should be hers but still in her familiar corner.

How could I help her? Again I laid the broom close to her but slightly tilted allowing her to climb onto the bristles from the underside. I could barely see her. I held my breath as if that would keep my delicate friend attached. 

It worked.

She held on until I was out the door. I gently swung the broom upright and she flew away to the life intended for her.

How many times in our life are we so close to our dreams? We can see them, feel them, and smell them. Yet, we can’t reach them. The door may be open, but we can’t find it.  The very help God brings frightens us; it doesn’t make sense; it isn’t what we expected. We’re trapped in the corner of our almost-touching-life place.

Finally, we take the risk and cling to our salvation.

When we cling to our Savior, the real life He designed for us begins.

This is a great metaphor for the door God has opened for me. I am helping people find a way to do what they most want.  I help you find the way to the life you are meant to live.